Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We ask you for some personal information and we keep this information completely private. We use this information to help make sure you get the best care possible.

A maintenance medication is taken on a regular basis for chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, ulcers and a variety of other conditions. You can save money on these medications by filling a 90-day supply through your Mail order pharmacy benefit.


Your plan decides which medications are covered through PinnacleRx Solutions. To verify which medications are on your formulary, please log on to your HealthView portal or call our toll-free number.


There are a variety of reasons. Typically, your doctor may have only written the prescription for 30 day or a prepackaged medication may not be packaged as a 30, 60, or 90-day supply. Remember to ask your doctor to write a prescription for up to a 90-day supply, with up to three refills, if your doctor determines it is appropriate.

No. Legally, PinnacleRx Solutions is only allowed to accept faxed prescriptions from your doctor.

You can print order forms from our Mail Order page. You will also receive a reorder form, refill form and pre-addressed envelope with each prescription mailed to you. Mail Order forms are also available on your HealthView portal under "Online Forms."

Checks, money orders or major credit cards can be used to cover your co-payments. Credit cards are preferred to allow for variations in the prices of drugs and are required when placing an order through our website. For your convenience, your credit card number will be maintained on a secured site for future orders.

For most prescriptions, you may reorder when you have approximately 3 weeks of your prescription left.

If you place a refill order after the expiration of your prescription, or if no refills are remaining, we will contact your physician for a new prescription. This may cause a slight delay.

If you do not receive your order within 14 days, please contact us toll-free. We will reship your order to you since it is our priority to ensure that you have the medication you need.

Situations that may create a delay include: an incomplete or illegible prescription, manufacturer back orders, and medications that require prior authorization. However, we will notify you if there will be a delay with your prescription shipment.

Orders received without payment can cause processing delays and extended delivery times.

We ship certain medications overnight at our expense due to special handling requirements. This may apply to prescriptions for controlled substances or medications that are temperature sensitive.

You should receive your order within 14 days from the time PinnacleRx Solutions Mail Order Delivery receives your prescription. Once received, a prescription typically takes one to two days to be processed and mailed if no additional information or clarification is required.

Please allow a few extra days for your first order. If you have questions or do not receive your order within 14 days, please contact us at 866.780.1362.

Doctors may fax prescriptions to 888.830.3608.

In addition to prescription information, your doctor must provide:

  • Your member ID number
  • Patient name
  • Patient date of birth

Note: To be legally valid, the fax must originate from the physician.

All state laws apply.

  1. Have your doctor write your prescription for the number of days your plan allows for mail service (for example, 90 days). If you need your medicine right away, ask your doctor to write two prescriptions. Fill the first one at your local pharmacy. Mail the second one to PinnacleRx Solutions Mail Order Center.
  2. Fill out an Order Form. Click here to download forms. Write the member identification number, patient name and patient date of birth on the back of each prescription.
  3. Mail the form with the prescription(s) and co-payment to:
    Pinnacle Rx Solutions
    C/o Welldyne Rx
    PO Box 4517
    Englewood, CO 80155-4517
  4. We will ship orders to the address entered on the form.
  5. Check your order as soon as possible. Make sure you review your order within one week of receipt. Contact us immediately to report any issues. Member Service are available to discuss any questions at our toll-free number 1-877-782-9658. This number can also be located on the back of your prescription ID card.

PinnacleRx Solutions Mail Order Delivery service through Wellydne Rx is convenient and a cost-effective way for you to order up to a 90-day supply of maintenance or long-term medication for delivery to your home or other location.


A controlled medicine, such as a narcotic, has stricter guidelines and may be handled differently than non-controlled medicines, such as a medication for diabetes. We adhere to federal and state laws in the dispensing of all medicines. State law may require a copy of a state-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, for controlled medications to be dispensed.

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